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our journey together

My goal through our journey is to make sure that YOUR vision comes to life through design

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Before starting a contract with a graphic designer, there are a few things to think about first:

  • What kind of skills are you looking for the designer to have?

  • Do you have a list of expectations?

  • What level of communication from your designer are you looking for?

  • Is there a specific aesthetic that you are aiming for?

  • Do you know your target audience?

This is a limited list of things that I discuss with you in our first meeting. Whether in person, over zoom, or on the phone, I believe verbal conversations are paramount to creating an excellent design that we are both happy with. I make sure that my clients and I have good chemistry and will be able to form a relationship conducive to high quality products. 

Communication is everything.

Good communication is the bridge between clarity and confusion

Nat Turner

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